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Fishing Pole/Rod Dryer

My friend, Ross, wanted to fix his fishing pole guides but did not have all the necessary equipment. Luckily, he had a friend that had rod building equipment. I had mentioned to my friend that one day I would like to wrap a custom pole. So my friend said hey look at the stuff you would need. The most expensive piece of equipment was the rod dryer. His friend's dryer was retail bought at some online fishing store, I want to say Cabela's but I am unsure of that. The dryers can be pricey. So my friend and I looked up cheap DIY alternatives. We found many and the concept was the same. Slow rotating motor with a cup to hold the end of the rod. Here is our take on a dryer. Some of the parts to make this was given to me by Ross, thanks dude.

Stewart Macdonald Tenor Ukulele Kit part 10 (Complete)

Finally completed, woot.

Whewww, I took over a year, but worth the time. Well, the actual time put working on the uke really was not that long. From my last post, I've been inundated with sickness, the holidays, more sicknesses, planning my baby's 1st bday, weddings, more birthdays and even more sicknesses.