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DIY Nintendo Classic Controller Journey

I was lucky enough to find an NES Classic in store. Walmart worker was a bit shady, felt like he was reluctant to get me one out of inventory in the back but there was another worker there with him that may have been his manager. So after a long awkward pause, he was like "uhhhhhhhhh, hold on", then goes into the back and comes out with a mini. I just wanted to share that story even though has nothing to do with the DIY controller.

Okay, one more vent story. I bought the Emio Edge joystic after reading that Emio had fixed the controller to work with the mini. The first Emio Edge I had acted wonky. There was a long delay in movement and button clicks. The turbo controls didn't seem like they did anything. I returned the first one and received a replacement. The second controller responded spot on to movement and button clicks, no noticeable lag. The turbo controls actually worked, the LEDs lit up and the rotary dials controlled the turbo rate. However, the joystick sprin…
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My journey and woes to compiling 8192eu drivers for the Adafruit PiTFT image

So I was unlucky to buy a wireless USB adapter that was not supported out of the box by Raspbian for my Raspberry Pi Zero. I thought I did my homework and looked at the compatibility list for the adapter I bought (Realtek 8191 300Mbps 802.11n/g/b USB Wireless WIFI LAN Network Card Adapter). My fault though as I did not read the description that stated the chipset was Realtek 8192. I needed somehow to compile the drivers for the adapter but did not know where to start.

Lowes Art Easel

Here is my art easel following the plans from Lowes Creative Ideas. I liked the design of the easel because it looked very sturdy and looked like it can take a lot of abuse from a toddler.

The easel was easy to build and really did not cost as much as the estimated cost if you substitute for cheaper materials.

DIY Children's Swing

DIY Children's Swing

Here is a simple and fairly cheap small swing for little toddlers under 40lbs.

Fishing Pole/Rod Dryer

My friend, Ross, wanted to fix his fishing pole guides but did not have all the necessary equipment. Luckily, he had a friend that had rod building equipment. I had mentioned to my friend that one day I would like to wrap a custom pole. So my friend said hey look at the stuff you would need. The most expensive piece of equipment was the rod dryer. His friend's dryer was retail bought at some online fishing store, I want to say Cabela's but I am unsure of that. The dryers can be pricey. So my friend and I looked up cheap DIY alternatives. We found many and the concept was the same. Slow rotating motor with a cup to hold the end of the rod. Here is our take on a dryer. Some of the parts to make this was given to me by Ross, thanks dude.

Stewart Macdonald Tenor Ukulele Kit part 10 (Complete)

Finally completed, woot.

Whewww, I took over a year, but worth the time. Well, the actual time put working on the uke really was not that long. From my last post, I've been inundated with sickness, the holidays, more sicknesses, planning my baby's 1st bday, weddings, more birthdays and even more sicknesses.